Grateful Goat Brewing features state-of-the art equipment with four tanks allowing the brew team the capability of experimenting on a small scale to further develop whole batches during the brewing process.  Our team’s dedication to their craft has kept them busy drinking our beers and ciders, but it’s all been worth the toil and labor to make sure that our beers and ciders are brewed to taste perfection.  Our beers and ciders pair beautifully with our delicious menu.

Here is why you should make Grateful Goat your next destination for dine-in or takeout:

  • Fresh, high quality, locally sourced ingredients
  • All steaks are cuts from USDA Certified blend of Prime and Choice Angus beef sourced from their select network of family farms and ranches, and are so elite that less than 1.5% of beef meets their certification standards
  • Our pasta is made from scratch
  • Our Mozzarella cheese is housemade and fresh
  • Freshly delivered seafood
  • Made to order brick oven pizzas topped with house-made mozzarella


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